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IRSC Theatre - Scholarship Opportunities

IRSC Fine Arts scholarships support academic and performance achievement and success.   These scholarships provide financial assistance that enable serious Fine Arts students to maximize academic and performance opportunities.   

The Fine Arts Program offers 97 full and partial tuition scholarships each year.  These scholarships recognize achievement and participation in theatre, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, youth theatre, technical theatre (entertainment technology), and theatre management.  In addition, 25 partial housing scholarships are available to tuition scholarship students.  These housing scholarships provide assistance to the Fine Arts Students living in the River Hammock, a student housing facility owned and managed by the IRSC Foundation and located adjacent to the IRSC Ft. Pierce Campus. 

 Part-time instructional Aid and Work-Study positions in the theatre organization, the theatre facilities, and the Box Office are available to eligible and qualified Fine Arts students.   


Scholarships for PERFORMANCE theatre (Acting) require a prepared audition with David Moberg.  Scholarships for technical theatre, entertainment technology, and theatre management require an interview with Jon Moses. 

All auditions and interviews may be scheduled by contacting Rebecca Shearer at 772- 462-7727 or David Moberg at


Two Minute Memorized Monologue (Contemporary Material)

Two Letters of Reference

Official or Unofficial transcript from High school or college

Resume (Acting) Portfolio (technical) or pictures of previous technical work


Scholarship awards are on-going throughout the year.  New scholarship awards are granted each semester.


IRSC accepts scholarship applications from students studying in any college discipline, however, priority consideration will be given to students who are pursuing a major in the Fine Arts.


The specific number of credits that each Fine Arts scholarship student will be determined by the student’s past academic record and specific degree requirements.  Partial tuition scholarships may be awarded for any part of the student’s semester tuition.  Partial tuition scholarships are usually awarded to non-Fine Arts majors who are actively participating in Fine Arts productions and activities. 


Fine Arts tuition scholarships DO NOT pay for text books or lab fees.  The Fine Arts Department does however maintain a very limited collection of textbooks for selected Fine Arts classes that are available for student use.  These are available on a first come/first serve basis to scholarship students.


Partial housing scholarships to the River Hammock are awarded after the tuition scholarship.  Ask David Moberg to be considered for housing scholarship during your audition or interview.  Priority consideration for housing scholarship is given to those students who live the greatest distance from the campus and who have the greatest number of performance or technical theatre commitments. 

Fine Arts Scholarship Guidelines

Fine Arts scholarship recipients are subject to very specific and binding guidelines that govern the student’s academic, personal, and employment, and social/family commitments.   

These guidelines insure that the professionalism of the performing arts and the integrity of the Fine Arts Program and the College will be established and maintained. 

Scholarship applicants are encouraged to read these guidelines carefully.  Scholarship recipients will be required to sign affidavit acknowledging an understanding of these guidelines and pledging full compliance with these guidelines.  Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the student’s immediate removal from Fine Arts Tuition and Housing Scholarship and all performance and/or production assignments. 

Please note: The College reserves the right to change, amend, and/or add specific scholarship rules, regulations, and requirements at any time without notice or obligation.

As Fine Scholarships recipient, I understand that:

I must pay for and pass the drug test screening as arranged through the Fine Arts Department.  I will be subject to random drug testing throughout the scholarship period and must remain drug free.  When submitted, these records will become the property of the College, and will not be available for copying or for use.  Students who are out of the program for six months or more must submit new records.

I must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours each Fall and Spring semester.  At least 6 credit hours each Fall and Spring semester must be general education course work towards a degree and 18 hours of general education coursework must be completed by the end of Summer II semester.  My credit load cannot fall below 12 credit hours each Fall and Spring semester. 

I must attend both Fall and Spring semesters and complete 12 credit hours each term and earn a 2.5 or better GPA for each semester in order to continue to receive the scholarship.

I must participate in all assigned performances, scheduled rehearsals, and duties each term to remain on scholarship for the next term.

I must have Mr. Moberg's signature for any class withdrawal.  If I withdrawal without his signature it may result in the suspension of my scholarship for the next term.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the immediate suspension of my scholarship.

Additional Conditions for Scholarships

This scholarship is for in-state tuition ONLY.

The specific number of scholarship hours awarded to each student will be assigned by the Mr. Moberg.

I understand that if I receive a W, WI, D, or F for any credits, my assigned scholarship award for the next term will be reduced by that specific number of credits.

I must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

I agree to abide by the above conditions.  I understand that if I do not fully abide by these conditions, my Fine Arts Scholarship to attend Indian River State College will be suspended. 

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